Dan Wetherell
Dan Wetherell

Age: 40

CrossFit Opens: 14

Other Passions: All things nature (hiking + skiing to name a few) and being a good person in my community


CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification
CrossFit Judges Certification


Dan Wetherell

I was introduced to CrossFit in 2007 back home in Massachusetts by a few friends and family members who had “drank the kool-aid”. This was the early days of CrossFit, when nothing had yet to be proven. I spent a year making fun of their ridiculous fitness ideas before finally joining in. The combination of being a washed up high school athlete and a very bad motorcycle accident made me realize my body wasn’t getting any younger. 3 years into my CrossFit experience, the CrossFit way of life and fitness blew up. A few of those friends and family members began opening CF gyms of their own. This sudden growth gave me the opportunity to start coaching in 2012 having learned from, and worked out next to, some of the “OGs” in the Northeast. 

My life since then has never gone without CF, and coaching has been just as important to me as being an athlete. What I love about CrossFit is it gives us more than just fitness. It’s family, friends, accountability, a place for you to belong. Or maybe it’s a place to escape everything else about life on a bad day. Either way, it should be one of the best hours of your day. Anyone is capable of getting a good workout in, while enjoying yourself. Age, race, health, gender, life choices, none of that matters as long as you’re willing to show up.

Funny Side-Story (that proves ANYONE can get a good workout in if you just show up): During the lunch break of my L1 Seminar, Heather Bergeron (wife of famed CrossFit Coach Ben Bergeron) - while 5 months pregnant - beat me at Fran. The fun, camaraderie and competition that comes with the sport is unparalleled.

I came to Montana in the spring of 2022 to escape the busy life of Boston and own my own trucking company, Lost Johnny LLC, that specializes in heavy equipment transportation. When I'm not at work or in the gym, you can usually find me (or not!) somewhere in the woods with my dogs and my girlfriend (Jen, also a SBCF member!).

Why I Love Coaching: Because life gave me the opportunity to sacrifice just a little bit of my time and in return, I get to help people change their lives for the better.

Why "Why": To be the best version of myself that I can be.