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Kyna Williams


January 12, 2024

The 2024 CrossFit Open

The CrossFit Open

What is the CrossFit Open? 

The CrossFit Open is an online, worldwide competition, with hundreds of thousands of athletes of all shapes, ages and sizes participating. In fact, it’s the largest participatory sporting event in the world! For elite level athletes, the Opens kicks off their competitive CrossFit season, as the Open is the first in a series of competitions that will earn the best of the best a spot at the CrossFit Games (our “Super Bowl”) and crown the Fittest on Earth. For others, the Open is a way to test and track your progress, as well as the collective progress of our community. Plus, not many other sports let you compete right alongside the pros.

How Does it Work? 

3 workouts spaced across 3 weeks. That’s It! 

Every Thursday for 3 weeks, beginning February 29th, CrossFit will release the Open workout for that week, and every athlete will have until Monday to record a score. 

While we’ll program the Open workout as the WOD for all class times each Friday during the Open, we’ll transition our 5:15PM class to “Friday Night Lights” (FNL), a high energy competition experience and viewing event for members, friends and coworkers. 

For those that want to complete their Open workout during FNL, you’ll schedule yourself into a heat (starting) time, and will be given the same coaching advice, warm-up direction and workout direction you would in class…paired with the buzz and beats of a DJ, professional photographer, other members and friends cheering you on, and a whole lot of incredible energy. For those that still attend class times on Friday, we encourage you to show back up to support your fellow members. Feel free to bring drinks, cowbells, a ton of energy, catch up with other members and watch the PRs happen! 

More details will follow on FNL as we get closer to the Open. 

Why Would I Pay? 

Have you ever signed up to run a 5K? You probably didn’t expect to win the race, but it was fun to see where you’d place and how you’d finish. This is the same idea. By paying the $20 registration fee, you’ll be tracking your fitness and progress against hundreds of thousands of other athletes around the world. Even if you plan to scale the Open workouts, you’ll still be able to track your own personal progress over time. For athletes who have participated in CrossFit over several years, it’s fun to look back and see “how far you’ve come…” 

Custom Athlete T-Shirts

To celebrate all of our members participating in the Open, we’ll be offering custom SBCF Open T-shirts to wear during (and beyond) the Open. 

These shirts will be a lightweight material (the same high end quality you expect from our merch) and customized with your name. Styles this round will be unisex T-shirts so you can cut/crop them to their preference. (For reference, all of our "men's" styles at the gym currently are unisex). 

T-shirts are $15 (as a way to celebrate our members, SBCF is helping to subsidize the cost of these tees).

All orders must be received by February 14th. 

Please order here:

Save The Dates! 

Workout 24.1 - Friday, March 1

Workout 24.2 - Friday, March 8

Workout 24.3 - Friday, March 15

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